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Vitamins and Minerals

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Physiorelax Spray Forte Plus 150ml

Physiorelax Forte Plus Spray 150ml

Price €8.75

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are fundamental to the proper functioning of our body,so when we have some vitamin or mineral deficiency it is highly recommended to take them to compensate for that deficit.

In GT Pharmacy we have the best Dietetics and Nutritionproducts, which will help you maintain the balance you need in your body.

Vitamins and minerals for every need

There are specific products for every need, for example, during pregnancy and lactation it is necessary to take vitamin supplements that strengthen the woman's body. Similarly, older people, children, men and women adults separately, etc., need to reinforce the gaps that the body notices throughout people's lives.

Find in our online parapharmacy all the vitamins and minerals necessary to cover any type of deficiency that you are noticing, because we can offer solutions for all kinds of needs:

There are vitamin complexes suitable for students,with specific components that help to perform better by decreasing tiredness and that are perfect for exam times.

There are also specific vitamins and minerals for athletes,with an extra energy supply or with components such as collagen or magnesium between @7E2B2, to promote the flexibility of the joints as well as a better conservation of cartilage.

There are many products and vitamin complexes that contain the vitamins and minerals necessary to meet the needs of each individual, and all of them can be found in our pharmacy, because Pharmacy GT always has the best quality products,at your fingertips with just a couple of clicks on your computer.

Within our vitamins and minerals section you can find specific products as we have already explained, but in addition, in our diet and nutrition section, you also have @4W5D4 products like the ones that we detail below:


Pharmacy vitamins and minerals

Be wary of anyone who sells diet and nutrition products without being a healthcare professional or pharmacist.

All these products are for sale in pharmacies, and in our case, Pharmacy GT also has them with very good offers.

Pharmacy GT is your trusted online parapharmacy, do not think about it anymore, if you are looking for dietetic and nutrition products like the ones that we are showing you here, our parapharmacy offers them at a very good price, and more importantly, with the support that gives to have a pharmacy behind them.

Come and see us or if you prefer, buy online all the dietetics and nutrition products you are needing.

Pharmacy GT will send them in a few days to your home, with the convenience of shopping from home and with the security of knowing that you are buying your products from a pharmacy.