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Sterillium Solucion Hidroalcoholica 500 ml

Sterillium 500 ml

Price €4.71

Catalogue of protection products against viruses, disinfectants and hydrolycol solutions. Sale of disinfectant and anti-virus pharmacy products.

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In Pharmacy GT we have for sale the best disinfectant gels and virus protection at the best prices online. Buy now and receive it at home in 24 hours all the disinfection products you need.

Thanks to disinfectant gels you can prevent and reduce the spread of a virus by contact. In our online pharmacy you can buy hydroalcholic gels and virulicide hand gels, which helps to disinfect our hands without the need for rinsing. With hydroalcholic gels you can clean and disinfect any skin surface, as it contains alcohol and surfactants. If you need it, you can also buy disinfectant wipes from our online pharmacy, which are not aggressive for sensitive skin, and are also disposable.

With antibacterial gels,you can also sanitize and disinfect any area of your skin without rinsing, and it will leave your hands very soft. Antibacterial gels protect us against viruses and bacteria. Therefore, it is the best way to keep your hands clean at all times. With the liquid antibacterial products and disinfectants that we have for sale in our online pharmacy you can keep your hands free of germs whenever you need it.

In our online pharmacy you can buy the best products against viruses and bacteria,more effective and at the best prices.

How do I know if a disinfectant is effective?

For antibacterial products,such as hydroalcholic gels,to be effective, they must have an alcohol content of more than 60% in their composition. On the contrary, virucited productshave more than 70% alcohol. However, if the product or gel only contains alcohol it will only be killing bacteria but not viruses. So we need to look at the composition of the disinfectant products we buy. If we want our disinfectant gel to be able to eliminate viruses, it must have ethanol,one of the largest virucids that exist.