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In Pharmacy GT you can find the best variety of gloves you need. Buy at the best prices latex gloves to protect your hands and avoid contagion, when you need it.

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If you need latex gloves or nitrile to protect your hands of bacteria, in our online pharmacy you can find the best variety on the market at the best prices. We also have surgical gloves and vinyl gloves so you can buy them online. Also, if you prefer, you can also find dust-free gloves to make them much easier to put on and remove. Powdered gloves are made of corn starch, and are also easy to place on your hands. If you usually have sensitive hands, from Pharmacy GT we recommend buying dust-free gloves to avoid possible skin irritations.

Sale of latex gloves online

Our latex gloves are made of natural material, and are the type of glove most used by healthcare professionals. Now you can buy them at the best price in our online pharmacy. Latex gloves are preferred by healthcare professionals because they have increased sensitivity and endurance. Although they can cause allergies more easily. In our online catalog you can find latex gloves with dust and dust-free latex gloves. All of our latex gloves comply with EN455 and ASTM F1671 sanitary regulations.

Best online catalog of nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber. So, they are the best alternative for people allergic to latex. They are also sensitive gloves, widely used by doctors and nurses, as they are very resistant to perforation. Nitrile glovesalso have a high resistance to the permeabilization of chemicals, bacteria and viruses. You can buy nitrile gloves at the best price to protect your hands.

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