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Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is one of the most important steps that we must take every day, without exception.

The care of teeth and gums is essential to keep a mouth healthy, and it is also one of the ways through which we can avoid many problems of infections and diseases if we keep it healthy.

Oral hygiene products

In the pharmacy you can find all the specific products for the care of your mouth, teeth and gums.

Trust GT Pharmacy and find everything you need to keep the best look:


Brushing our teeth after each meal will be the routine that we should never skip, to avoid the appearance of problems such as cavities, plaque, ...

At the pharmacy you can buy specific toothpaste for each case, if you have sensitivity, or if you are looking for a whitener, there are toothpastes that can help you.

Dental gel

With the same purpose as toothpaste but with a lighter texture. Dental gels fight cavities and seek oral cleaning just as toothpastes do.

Choose the texture you like and get the best option in our pharmacy.


What we know from mouthwash is very important within our daily oral hygiene routine, as it helps remove all the debris that neither toothpaste nor dental gel has been able to remove.

In addition, there are mouthwashes specific to certain cases where there is a wound in the mouth or gums have some kind of problem.

Oral spray

To complete the hygiene and care of our mouth, we can use a mouth spray that will help us refresh the mouth, soothing dryness, and strengthening the gums.

In addition these products are able to help remineralize the enamel of our teeth.


One more addition to cleaning, which is sometimes essential when we have traces of some food.

Flossing should actually be one of the essential parts for oral cleaning, having fun before brushing, to get better results.


There are them for all tastes, softer, harder, with accessory for the tongue, ..., find the toothbrush that you like the most in our pharmacy.

Interdental brushes

An accessory that we see more and more, for its great precision and comfort is an article that helps the hygiene of our mouth, in every wash.

Interdental brushes are of different sizes. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Electric brushes

In our pharmacy you can buy the best electric brushes and their spare parts. For more precise cleaning, choose an electric brush.

Dental irrigators

You can have at hand the most appropriate apparatus and accessories for oral hygiene, which consists of cleaning with water pressure.

In Pharmacy GT we have dental irrigators at a very good price.


All the products necessary to keep orthodontics in its best condition, with specific toothbrushes, toothpaste, rain, wax, ... and all the products on the market.


Pads for placement, tablets for cleaning, etc. In our pharmacy you can buy all the most appropriate products for the care of your denta l prosthesis.


From a young age we must educate them and get them to wash their teeth daily.

The oral products for children,with the most original designs.

Specific treatments

Repairers, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, bleachers, ..., all specific treatments,at your fingertips in our pharmacy.

Pharmacy GT offers you everything you need to maintain good oral health.