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Dietetics and Nutrition

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Physiorelax Spray Forte Plus 150ml

Physiorelax Forte Plus Spray 150ml

Price €8.75

Dietetics and Nutrition


Sometimes we find ourselves in states that are lacking in some vitamin, due to a disease or convalescence, or simply because the change in time affects us more noticeably than other people. for this purpose there are food supplements, which are able to fill these gaps.

Plus, if you're on a diet, we also have the products you need to help you meet your goals easily and effortlessly. It is important to buy food supplements at the pharmacy, to make sure they are really what they claim to be and know what we give our body.

Pharmacy GT puts at your disposal a wide range of perfect food products as food supplements, and with the safety and confidence that gives you to have a pharmacy behind.

Natural food supplements for sports nutrition

All the food aids about nutrients that we offer you in our online pharmacy have very good prices,because one of our main objectives is to be able to offer the cheapest prices within the parapharmacy sector, without neglecting the quality of both the products and our services.

Improve your diet with our nutritional products such as food substitute bars, smoothies, snacks, or vitamin supplements among @0P9H9 many products, are at your fingertips in Pharmacy GT.

You can find different categories to make it easier for you to find the right one for your needs:

  • Vitamins and minerals with a wide range of products to choose from, depending on the format, whether pearls, gums, tablets, capsules, etc., divided by well-defined sections: adults, eyes, menopause, students, pregnancy, children and athletes.
  • Lose weight: here we find food substitutes and specific products for fluid retention.
  • Natural care: are all natural products to treat different ills: insomnio, nervousness, products for constipation, cholesterol and menstruation.
  • Probiotics: they are those that provide very important benefits to our body, such as intestinal balance, a stronger immune system, etc.
  • Royal Jelly: with the benefits that we all already know as that strengthens the immune system, helps us with energy to overcome every day without problem, etc.

Pharmacy food supplements for nutrition and dietetics

Buy your food supplements at the pharmacy and rely on professionals to purchase these types of products.

We are all concerned about dietetics and nutrition, we want to be fine and recover the figure when we have excess weight, but we cannot fall into the temptation to buy products such as food supplements, in physical stores or online that do not give us full guarantees.

In addition, we also have royal jelly, probiotics, multivitamins, and @3N5T3 many products such as natural care,which are your perfect ally to protect you from the adversities of time and strengthen your defenses.

The pharmacy helps you achieve your goals and we from Pharmacy GT want to encourage you to try.

Our experience in the pharmaceutical sector supports us as professionals and in our online pharmacy we want to offer you all these parapharmacy products at the best price.

Nutrition and diet for weight loss

Get a healthy and balanced diet by combining a varied diet with our high quality natural products that will provide you with the vitamins you need to have the energy you need for the day to day.

All our accessories are made by reputable laboratories where they only use high quality products, natural and with the most traditional processing processes.

Trust years of experience and satisfied customers, in a few days you will have your accessories for food with just one click, without moving from home and at the best price on the market, certainly buying in @8I3U2 are all advantages.

Our online parapharmacy offers you all the food supplements and diet and nutrition products at the best price on the market.