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insect bites

Insect bites

When the good weather approaches it usually comes accompanied by the presence, especially nightly, of mosquitoes and other insects.

Some people are more likely than others to receive insect bites, and for all of them we have specific products in Pharmacy GT to alleviate symptoms caused by insect bites.

Mosquito allergy bites

As we say, mosquitoes often choose their victims, and often when we meet other people, we see how we are the only ones who suffer the bites, but why do they prefer some over others?

Mosquitoes are attracted to body odor,in summer more powerful by sweat and perspiration of our skin.

Given that the sense of smell of mosquitoes and other insects is very developed, we can understand why they choose the people who smell the most than others first.

Lactic acid, carboxylic acids and ammonia are chemical components that our body produces and that especially attract mosquitoes.

In addition, the moisture, heat and carbon dioxide that we release when we breathe act as radar, attracting the attention of insects. In the case of pregnant women,it is known that during the last weeks of pregnancy they release 21% more carbon dioxide, and therefore suffer almost twice as many bites as other people.

Insect bites treatment

Ideally, avoid them,but we know that's very difficult, although we can follow some advice:

  • Shower before bed, to remove the remains of sweat and body odors that may attract mosquitoes at night.
  • Avoiding being in landscaped areas in the evening, mosquitoes are lurking at dusk and if the gardens are wet, they will be your main target.
  • It uses insect repellent,there are very effective and it is something that you should always have on hand especially in summer.

However, when we have already been bitten, we must always have at hand a specific product for the treatment of bites, since many times they make reaction, producing itching and stinging.

In Pharmacy GT we have the products you need to calm those symptoms, in different formats such as creams or rolls that are very comfortable to carry on top and easy to apply.

Especially in summer we must have at hand one of these products that will soothe the itching and stinging caused by the stings of insects, jellyfish and poisonous plants.

Our medicine cabinet is full of products that will be very comfortable and practical, such as those that are intended to reduce the itching and discomfort caused by insect bites.



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