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First Aid Kit

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The medicine cabinet contains everything you need for a first cure at home, but also certain basic items that we can not miss, and that we must always have at hand.

First Aid Kit Products

If you want to have the best medicine cabinet, here are the products that should never be missing.

Nasal products

When we go through a cold with a lot of congestion, the skin of the nose dries. There are balms that help us regenerate the skin, which we can even give when we are very congested to help us avoid damage.

In addition, you should have nasal sprays to help you breathe better and it can't be missing in your medicine cabinet,and other nasal products that will help you with cleaning.


These devices can help us keep our blood pressure under control, and especially when we've had a scare, it's important that we do.

Thecheapest t insiometers can be found in our pharmacy.

Ear cleaning

Every day after the shower we can use a specific product that will help us prevent the formation of earplugs.

Maintaining ear cleaning is very important, and with these products it is very simple.


For both noise and water. You should always have earplugs handy in case you need to use them.

Test strips

A product that it comes well to have at home, because they serve us to detect certain changes in our body that may be symptoms that a doctor should evaluate.

The test strips are inserted into the urine and checked with a color box that appears on the container.


Something fundamental, that we should not miss, because when something gets in your eye is the best solution.

This way, with an eye drops, you can prevent evil from going further, and you will keep your eyes clean and careful.

Anti-scratch creams

For children or adults, anti-scratch creams can be an ally at a certain time.

They are applied to any area of the body that may have some chafing, in order to avoid them.

Insect repellents

Nor should we lack an insect repellent in our medicine cabinet that helps prevent such unpleasant and uncomfortable mosquito bites.

Throat pills

They'll help you any time you need to clear your throat. Throat pills have different formats and flavors.

Insect bites

For insect bites and itching, we must always have at hand some product in our medicine cabinet, because if we do not manage to soothe the itching, we can hurt ourselves by scratching.

It is an essential product especially when there are children at home.

In Pharmacy GT you will find all these items at the best price, and with the confidence to buy in a pharmacy.