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Pharmacy GT has all the items for baby and mom that you need, of the highest quality, being products all recommended by the pharmacy and with a very attractive price,so that you can take care of yourself during pregnancy and motherhood and take care of your baby with all the guarantees.

Baby products

When we become moms we fear forgetting any product that may help us to care for our babies, since there are so many options that we have that we do not know which are really essential and fundamental to buy and have at home.

In the pharmacy we have everything you need to care for your baby,from its first moments, to help you and him, to be in his best condition.

Within this section you will find products of all kinds, such as the ones below:

Mom products

Just like for your baby, for yourself you can find in our online parapharmacy everything you need, from the moment of pregnancy to the period in which you are breast-feeding your baby.

During pregnancy women suffer many changes,which we can soften with specific products.

In our parapharmaaciaonline you can buy products that will help you fight all the symptoms you notice and the effects that pregnancy will be causing on your skin.

Discover our three sections for mom with: