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Body lotion

Bath lotions usually have no soap among their components and are therefore the perfect product for sensitive or allergic skin.

Atopic skins are becoming more common and our body is increasingly intolerant of many products. In these cases, products such as bath lotions, can help us soothe damaged skin and restore its natural state.

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They are a substitute for bath gels,ideal for the most intolerant skin, who have some type of allergy or dermatitis.

They are lotions that facilitate the cleansing of the body and avoid any damage that traditional shower gels can cause, by the use of soap among its components, such as skin irritations, as they facilitate a protection of sensitive skin and strengthen its Barrier.

Among the most basic formats of bath lotions, we find anti-drying lotions that help to restore the balance of the skin, hydrating it and giving it a feeling of immediate comfort.

There are also formats designed for those who have itching problems such as itching, eczema, atopic skins, psoriasis, etc., as they contain a soothing component that relieves itching and lowers inflammation.

We can find specific bath lotions for children, for their delicacy skin are highly recommended, and for adults.

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Being a very fluid product are easy rinsing and therefore leave no residue on our skin.

If you want to respect your skin's natural balance and reinforce its barrier functions against bacteria, use a bath lotion.

You do not need to have allergies or irritations to use a bath lotion, it is simply highly advisable in these cases as they do not contain soap and are more tolerant for this type of skin. But bath lotions are recommended for the whole family.

Remember that even if you use a soap-free bath lotion, if your skin is allergic or dry, you should treat it with more products indicated for those conditions.

The bath lotion should be applied throughout the body generating a pleasant foam that is very easy to remove with water.

These products relieve itching in states of atopic dermatitis, moisturize and restore the natural balance of our skin.

They should not be used in prolonged baths,but in showers of no more than 10 minutes.



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