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Lice treatment

Lice are wingless insects that live in the hair of humans and feed on our blood in very small amounts.

They are not dangerous or spread diseases but if they are very contagious as they can pass from one person's head to another with ease.

We find them in children from three years of age, but being so contagious, they can be had by people of all ages.

They are annoying as they bite and cause us to scratch,being able to irritate our skin, in addition they reproduce very quickly, laying up to eight eggs a day. They should therefore be treated at the time they are detected.

Treatment for Lice in Pharmacy GT

Although they are very small you can get to see them in someone else's head. An adult lice is the size of a sesame sesame seed,grayish or coppery and move quickly.

Lice eggs are nits; dandruff looks like they do and have an incubation period of one to two weeks.

The most characteristic thing that should make all the alarms go off is the itching, or if you feel something moving in your head.

Lice neither jump nor fly, but are pierced from one head to another when they both come into contact, share envelope, hairbrush, etc., even sharing pillow.

Children are often the main ones affected as they usually do more group games and share objects.

Anti-pio treatment: uses

When you detect any of the symptoms we have described, you should act quickly and provide the affected person with effective anti-lice treatment.

First of all you will need tranquility and patience. There are numerous anti-lice products that can help you. The most recommended ones that are based on three phases:

  1. Eliminate lice: with a lotion and shampoo that cancel the activity of lice and their nits, killing them.
  2. Remove nits: the use of a specific conditioner that releases the nits from the head and the dead lice that have been attached to the hair. Sometimes they include a specific type of comb called a lendrera to help the process.
  3. Protect from contagion: a lice repellent product that protects against new contagions after treatment.

In the pharmacy you can find effective and fast anti-lice lotions. Check with your pharmacist what's new.

Treatment for lice effective at Pharmacy GT

Forget the annoying lice and nits at once with our effective anti-pios. We have a wide variety of products of different application so you can choose the mode that is most comfortable to use.

All the brands we work with are companies of great reputation that will offer you the best results at an incredible price thanks to our discounts on anti-piojos. Don't hesitate and end up with the annoying lice once and for all.



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