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Hair conditioners

Hair conditioner

Using a conditioner every time we wash our hair, it should be a custom for us all to have.

Conditioners are cosmetic products that coat the hair shaft and as a result give softness and shine to our hair. Applying the conditioner after each wash has very good effects on our hair.

Hair Conditioner at Pharmacy GT

Conditioners keep hair hydrated and soften it. It also facilitates the hairstyle by eliminating all tangles almost magically.

It gives shine to our hair and prevents damage such as open tips, breakage, etc.

While shampoo cleanses our hair, the conditioner completes the action of shampoo by providing components that beautify and protect our hair.

Moisturizing our hair is as important as moisturizing our skin. A good conditioner, that goes with our skin type, is the ideal companion of our shampoo.

For this reason, depending on your skin and hair type, you will need to use one or the other, and in greater or lesser amount.

As a general rule, for normal hair, we can advise its use after each wash.

Effective hair conditioner application

There are numerous brands that have taken out their shampoos in a 2-in-1 format,to which they have added the conditioner. These types of formulas are more recommended for very bulky and easily frizzy hair. In addition it is important that every four or five washes, a traditional, intensive cleaning shampoo is used to remove all traces of gels, foams, etc.

Tips for applying the conditioner correctly

Always after shampoo. Once you've washed your hair thoroughly with your usual shampoo, rinse it thoroughly and drain as much water as you can. Ideally, dry it with a towel.

You can then apply the conditioner to your hair. Spread the product all over the hair, from the tips up and without reaching the root.

You must let him act for a few minutes.

Finally, lighten the hair well, with plenty of warm or cold water if it can be, to give it more shine.

Let yourself be advised by your pharmacist. It will explain the products available in the market and help you choose your ideal conditioner. You will also receive their tips on the application of the product and the frequency of use.

Properly conditioned hair looks brighter and is more flexible,allowing us to comb and mold it to our liking, and without damaging it



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