Weak and fragile hair 

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Weak and fragile hair

Weak and fragile hair

Weak and fragile hair is characterized by brittle and lifeless appearance. They are very fine and have no shine being rough to the touch.

Open tips are an alarm signal that we must take into account as well as if we notice that it is more fragile when brushing, breaking as the comb passes.

In the outermost layer of the hair, the cuticle is fragile due to small fissures that I can gradually make its appearance without shine and rough.

Causes of weak, fine hair

The constant aggressions to which our hair is subjected end up making it suffer. The use of chemicals, shampoos not specific to our hair type, lacquers, fixative gels, waxes, and excessive use of the dryer cause damage that we should try to avoid.

Environmental factors such as heat, sunlight, pollution, dust in the environment,... all this is constantly damaging our hair and causing it to dry out and become weaker and more fragile.

The alterations of our body also affect our hair a lot. Whether it's hormonal changes, emotional states,such as depression or stress, and nutritional deficits, all of these disorders can lead to a fragility of our hair.

Tips for weak, thin hair

You should choose a shampoo suitable for your hair type. It is very important to apply a specific product in order to restore damage.

Check with your pharmacist and look for products that are rich in nutritious and restructuring ingredients.

Use conditioners and masks,suitable for fragile hair. These products will help you restore some of the lost components of the hair structure. This way you get a better look in sight by making it stronger.

It is recommended that you strengthen your diet with nutrients, minerals, amino acids and vitamins. Iron, zinc, magnesium and B vitamins are best suited to help strengthen your hair.

Good diet, good hair hygiene, applying the specific products for each type of hair, are the tips that can help you change your appearance.

Weak hair gives a generally duller and more fragile appearance. You can get strong and healthy hair with the use of the right products.

Let yourself be advised by your trusted pharmacist and you will see the results.

Treatment for weak, brittle hair

In Pharmacy GT we offer you the best treatments for weak hair on the market. We rely on the best brands to offer you treatments composed of Shampoo and mask mainly to correct weak hair and provide them with the strength and vitality you are looking for.

In addition, only in Pharmacy GT you will find the best prices on the market in weak hair products thanks to our agreements with the big brands so you can save to the maximum without sacrificing the effectiveness of a good product



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