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Fall arrest system 

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Fall arrest system

Hair loss treatment

Shampoos and anti-fall products are prepared not to damage the scalp. They also have conditioning properties that facilitate styling, avoiding possible breakage.

On the market there are different formats of anti-fall products. The most basic are shampoos, but there are also capsules to take orally as a supplement.

Hair fall treatment in women and men

Other products that we can find specific anti-fall are blisters,which offer the possibility of slowing down the fall from the root, based on nutrients such as Serenoa Serrulata and many others, which with the help of different vitamins decrease alopecia.

Look for products that contain Zinc, as they prevent fat and sebum from forming and therefore prevents hair loss. Specific anti-fall often also have other components that increase blood supply by favoring vitamins nourishing hair from the root.

It is recommended to apply a blister all over the scalp, with a light massage that extends it well. As a supplement to blister treatment it is advised to use an anti-fall shampoo.

Hair loss shampoo treatments

Other products, lengthen the growth phase of the hair, effectively slowing the fall, increasing the thickness of the hair and giving it greater vigour. It is advisable to use this type of treatments twice a week, extending the product through the hair with a circular massage that we will apply with the fingertips.

You have to keep in mind that some of these products should not be clarified,so you should wait at least two hours until you wash your hair. It is best to apply it at night and wash your hair the next morning with the best anti-fall shampoo.

Hair loss problems can originate from many different causes, such as nutritional deficiencies, the use of aggressive hair compounds, or hereditary factors.

Vitamin-rich capsules, which are taken orally, can reduce hair loss. But they have a greater effect if we supplement treatments with shampoos, foams and other anti-fall products.

If you have a seasonal hair loss,consult with your pharmacist because he can help you slow it down and with specific products you can stimulate the growth of new hair, stronger and with more vitality.

Hair loss treatment at Pharmacy GT

Avoid hair loss and don't wait for it to be too late. The most effective treatments are a good attack. The more nourished your scalp is, the better chances of losing hair. With our lifeline products you will definitely get a healthy and strong mane. Rely on the experience and quality of the best pharmaceutical laboratories. Many studies support effectiveness against hair loss.

Also enjoy the advantages of buying in Pharmacy GT. You will find multiple offers in our section against hair loss as well as save thanks to our free shipping costs.



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