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Hair masks

The serum allows to repair our hair returning softness and vitality. It basically provides extra hydration to your hair, avoiding frizz and giving it shine and luminosity.

Dry hair masks at PHARMACy GT

There are straightening serums, heat protectors, open-tipped repairers, etc., but if everyone matches something it's in the extreme softness they'll bring to your hair. Your appearance will be hydrated and shiny.

It can be applied with wet or dry hair and should be spread by rubbing each lock with your fingers, from the tips to the root and without rinsing.

Hair masks have the main function of taking care of the appearance and health of our hair preventing and treating different problems such as alopecia, dandruff, etc. We also find anti-bacterial lotions such as those that are to fight lice, and lotions that stimulate our hair giving it greater vitality and greater growth.

The mask should be applied at most twice a week, in case we have very damaged hair, but it is normally applied only once a week.

The mask gives our hair an extra hydration,significantly improving the texture of our hair and protecting it at the same time.

Always look for natural products made up of vitamins and vegetable oils that don't damage your scalp. The purpose of lotions, serums and masks is to protect our hair and moisturize it, giving it a stronger appearance, and with more vitality.

Effective damaged hair masks

You should not choose masks that may have some irritating components, and if your skin type is sensitive consult with your pharmacist for advice on which one is best for you.

Among them you can find products that help you solve problems caused by the aggressions that we subject to our hair such as dyes, wicks, etc.

The masks nourish, protect and above all restructure damaged hair, which is returned to its vitality, natural thickness and volume that they had lost.

We can also find them specific for specific problems such as dandruff, fat or different types of dermatitis.

If in doubt, go to your pharmacy and consult your pharmacist about the variety of products you can use and what their use is to get better results.



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