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Irrigador Waterpick clasico WP-70

Waterpik WP-70 Family Classic Irrigator

Price €72.54

Dental irrigator

Bacterial plaque is an invisible and sticky film, which adheres to the looks of the teeth and is made up of endogenous bacteria from the mouth and food debris. It is this plaque that produces gingivitis, periodontitis, cavities and halitosis.

After a good oral cleaning, this plaque disappears, but after 24 hours it will have re-formed, so it is important to do a mouth cleaning at least twice a day.

Take the last step for a perfect orall cleaning. It gets where other products don't. After brushing, rinsing and using tapes, sedes and interproximal brushes, use a dental irrigator. Thanks to their motors, they drive to our teeth warm water at pressure with which we will achieve in addition to extreme cleaning, eliminate bacteria and their waste from our mouth, while massaging and firming your gums, reducing their bleeding and inflammation.

Dental oral b and other brands

  • Daily use for any type of denture to thoroughly remove the plate.
  • Indicated especially for orthodontics,dental hydropulsors achieve a cleaning of oral devices without damaging them.
  • Essential to use in implants and prostheses,its use will make them last much longer.
  • If you are diabetic,high levels of sugar in the mouth produce a greater number of bacteria, with the consequent greater appearance of plaque, producing gingivitis, and, ultimately, periodontitis, being able to reach the extreme of suffering fall of the teeth, so a good oral cleaning is essential in this type of cases, being the oral irrigators a great complement to avoid it.

Use of the dental irrigator

1) Start with a normal mouth cleaning, brushing your teeth and using tape or flossing.

2) Proceed to fill the tank with water. It is also possible to fill it with your usual colutory, thus achieving a better cleaning

3) Insert the hydropulse head into your mouth.

4) Turn on the hydropulse and proceed to the cleaning of teeth and gums. If the breast is too high or too low, the oral irrigators have a regulator to be able to put it to your liking.

5) It is important to wash and dry the dental irrigators after each use, if we want a long duration and avoid the appearance of lime.

If you want to get the best of cleanings, start with the back teeth ( the ones in the back) and continue to the front teeth. Clean your teeth and gums one by one to make sure they're clean.

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