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A brushing of teeth after all meals is necessary to keep our teeth healthy and prevent the appearance of plaque, cavities and periodontitis.

If we do not brush three times a day the teeth appear plaque, formed by a combination of bacteria and food debris. This plaque begins to accumulate 20 minutes after a meal is over, and if it is not removed it produces tooth decay, which, if not controlled in time, will cause the teeth to fall in addition to pain and chills every time we bite.

In addition to causing cavities plaque causes our gums to become inflamed and more tender, it can even make them bleed when brushing our teeth. If we don't control this, it can lead to gingivitis,a chronic inflammation of the gums that bleed frequently.

Poor oral hygiene also causes bad breath (halitosis).

Fluoride-free toothpaste

For proper tooth brushing, it takes at least two minutes. To do this, you have to perform smooth and short movements in the following order:

  • Cleaning the outside of the upper and posterior teeth of the lower teeth.
  • Continue cleaning the inner area of the teeth, first the upper one and then the lower one. This step is very important, since many of us settle for the outer cleaning of the teeth and then we are surprised because we have appeared plaque.
  • It then cleans the chewing surfaces,that is, the part of the teeth with which we chew.
  • Finally gently brush the brush through the tongue to have a fresher breath, but without abusing or using the specific part of the brush for cleaning the tongue.

Whitening toothpaste Online

  • Daily use: these are pastas for normal use fighting odor, preventing cavities and reinforcing tooth enamel.
  • Gingivitis and Periodontitis: to treat or prevent these oral diseases, it is best indicated a toothpaste containing chlorhexidine. Chlorhexidine is a broad-spectrum antiseptic that removes the microbes responsible for producing plaque, which can eventually expand and produce gingivitis or periodontitis between @8M3W4 problems such as bad breath.
  • Fresh Breath: there is specific toothpaste to combat halitosis and keep a fresh breath.
  • Orthodontics: when we use orthodontics we need special treatment. Therefore, there is toothpaste that fights the mouth disorders produced by the devices.
  • Dental sensitivity: if you have tooth sensitivity there are specific pastes, which will make you suffer less from the cold and @7H3U1 stimuli in your teeth. This effect is achieved thanks to potassium nitrate and fluoride.
  • Whiteners: if you want to recover the natural color of your teeth in addition to cleaning and protecting them.
  • Dry mouth: if you suffer from xerostomy, there is toothpaste that refreshes the mouth and eliminates that feeling of dryness caused by a decrease in saliva.
  • Brushes and toothpastes for children,recommended for every age of your children.

The best toothpaste

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Remember that combining good tooth brushing, mouthwash and a dental irrigator will provide you with a healthy and beautiful smile.