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Thiomucase Crema Reductora de Noche 500ml

Thiomucase Crema Reductora de Noche 500ml

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The best anti-cellulite

Cellulite is inflammation of subcutaneous cell tissue,especially of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Its triggers are circulatory deficiencies, by hormonal activation, by genetic predisposition or by a sedentary way of life.

If fat storage does not harmonize with wear, adipocytes, or fat cells, increase in size and push the skin into bulges that are often called orange peel.

How to remove cellulite with anti-cellulite oil

Apart from the aforementioned causes, overconsumption of fat and alcohol, and even stress can be related to cellulite.

Anticellulite creams increase the removal of accumulated fats and encourage drainage so that they do not deposit in the same area again.

Anti-cellulite exercises and patches

A few tips for you:

  1. Exfoliate your skin, clean skin absorbs anti-cellulites better. To do this it is advisable to clean the area with a few mane gloves while we shower.
  2. Dry the skin and perform circular massages to make the anti-cellulite penetrate better.
  3. Use anti-cellulite, with massages at good pressure to break fat buildups. For this there are tools that can help you with the Celulicup of Weleda. Massages from the thigh to the buttock are recommended to activate the blood circulation.
  4. The best time to perform this procedure is before bedtime, as the active ingredients of anti-cellulites work better at night.

If you want to avoid or reduce the appearance of cellulite there are tips you shouldn't skip. From a healthy diet,to good hydration (2 liters of water daily), physical activity according to your age, clothing that avoids high heels and uns fitted clothing, to raising your legs daily for a few minutes before bedtime.