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Body Oil

If after the shower you are asked to apply moisturizing body oil, cream, or milk; it is a matter of personal tastes between different systems of moisturizing and protecting the skin that work perfectly.

Moisturizing milk is best applied after showering with dry skin; Instead, natural body oil has to be applied to wet skin, and so with little product is used to create on the skin a moisturizing and protective film that will last the whole day; and will be softer than with other methods.

Moisturizing natural body oils

In the market you can find a variety of body oils. You should know your skin type, because in case of dry skin, milk acts slower than oil; and in case of oily skin, the oil takes longer to filter and moisturizing milk is preferable. Body oils moisturize, nourish and beautify the skin thanks to a mixture of natural oils and antioxidants, which provide a beautiful look and a delicate fragrance.

We can also find oilier oils that provide instant hydration leaving a pleasant feeling of cleansing and softness on the skin.

Depending on the ingredients in body oil, it may be more beneficial to you and your skin type or less. Think about the characteristics of your skin when choosing the body oil you want to take with you. Some may leave you feeling more oily and others may have the opposite effect. Let your pharmacist advise you on skin care and you'll be safe with your choice.

Firming body oil

Try to look at the components and avoid those oils that contain citrus as they can irritate your skin. Sometimes the aromas that we like the most are not the ones that best sit us and a bad choice can cause you an allergic reaction.

Think that choosing a body oil is important as it will become part of your daily ritual of beauty and skin preparation. So give it a few minutes and make sure you get the best.

Body oils provide more intense hydration to our skin,due to its concentration in natural vitamins and its oily consistency.

Cheap body oil

If your skin is extremely dry, normal moisturizer may not have much effect, finding a great ally in oily products. If you use it after showering with still wet skin, it will be absorbed more easily.

In addition, if you have some type of skin irritation,the moisturizing power of body oils is beneficial by calming the discomfort of burns and allowing the skin to regenerate more easily.

Body areas that are more easily rough - such as heels, elbows and knees - may benefit from the use of body oils.



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