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Body pruritus or itchy skin

Itching is an itchy skin, localized in an area or generalized,that is triggered by multiple causes, from dermatitis in all its variants, to the following:

General pruritus:

Localized pruritus:

Allergic reactions to medicationsImpetigo (bacterial infection)
Childhood infectionsFolliculitis or dermatitis
Iron deficiency anemiaInsect bites or parasites
Kidney or liver diseasePink Pitiriasis and Psoriasis

Skin itchy cream

Itching can be triggered by the intake of some food or the presence of ulcers. When we know the cause we must treat it because itching does not go away if we do not help them.

Pruritus has home treatment - which does not involve forgetting the pharmacological - how washing the affected area with cold water usually calms the itching caused by itching and using products containing lemon juice or vinegar can help cure the area. The person's diet is crucial in cases of itching, so it is essential to take care of yourself and eat well, eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Itching involves a feeling of discomfort, which causes the person who suffers it to itch and therefore leads to the desire to scratch. And it can be centered on a specific part of the body, such as itching in the anus, itching vulvar, or eye itching; or be triggered at a certain time, such as gestational itching.

At the pharmacy you can buy soothing products that help you solve the problem. Look for components like calamine, camphor, menthol, and phenol that can help you overcome peak times. You can also take antihistamines that can be given to you at the pharmacy.

Avoid taking spicy substances, coffee and alcohol as they increase itching.

The tingling or irritation that are caused by the puritonical triggers a desire to scratch that must be tried to control, because otherwise it will go to greater.

Itchy cream on the skin and other causes of itching

Dermatitis of different types: atopic, contact when touching a plant for example, or seborrheic dermatitis; skin aging, reaction to an irritant such as wool or soap; or dry skin.

What should not be done in these cases is to scratch, as it causes the pruritus to worsen.

Try to wear wide clothes, that do not rub the skin, cut your nails so as not to harm us if at some point we scratch, avoid sun exposure and apply soothing products can help you improve.