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Protective Cream

Protective Cream

The only time we usually take care of sun protection is during the holidays. However, the skin must be protected whenever it receives the action of UV rays, regardless of the time of year. Body skin behaves differently than the skin.

Lack of direct contact with the environment means that the skin of the body is renewed at a slower rate than the skin of the skin; a less natural exfoliation, greater thickness and scaly texture. Body skin is thicker than the skin, its cells are larger and the water does not evaporate so quickly, and because of its greater thickness it is prone to accumulate layers of dead cells and bacterial growth.

Body protective cream

Protective cream can be found in different formulations, for example for the face and neckline, milk for the rest of the body, emulsions for oily skin types, as well as specific creams such as psoriasis creams and anti-imperfection cream,among other ranges.

If you want a protective cream that works for all members of the family, it is best to choose one with a light texture and that does not contain preservatives,so that it can be applied on all skin types. Protective creams should protect the incorporation of a sufficient protection factor against UVA and UVB rays. These radiations penetrate the deeper layers of our skin and cause skin aging and cellular deterioration. Solar radiation passes through water, glass, and even clouds; therefore it is advised to use the protective cream even on the cloudiess.

Basic tips for choosing your protective cream

You can buy protective creams with antioxidants such as vitamin C and E that, in addition to fighting free radicals that the sun causes, reduce the number of cells of the epidermis that show alterations in their nucleus.

Water-resistant protectors should be reapplied once you get out of the water, because the product gradually detaches and reabsorbs, losing the protection effectiveness. Experts recommend that protective creams be photostable while maintaining UVB/UVA protection throughout sun exposure without losing effectiveness.

An amount of cream similar to six teaspoons of coffee should be spread through the body.

Let your pharmacist advise you and protect your skin this summer properly. The consequences of prolonged and unprotected exposure can be very severe. In farmaciagt you can find the help you need to decide on the ideal cream for your skin type.



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