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Scar creams

Scar reducers are essential to recover the natural state of your skinafter suffering an injury. In Pharmacy GT you can find the treatment for various skin problems, cream for acne scars, surgery, keloids, surgical, burns, chickenpox, and other causes.

How to remove scars with cream

In our pharmacy you will find cream to remove scars in various formats. There are products in dressings, comfortable and effective, breathable and waterproof. These patches can lead to fewer keloid and hypertrophic scars, which are those that form when an excess of fibrous tissue, which has a large amount of collagen with nodules that are sometimes encapsulated.

Scar-reducing patches and dressings are especially suitable for this type of scars as they have two layers, the inside that is fixed to the skin by an adherent film, which prevents the appearance of complications in the lesions, and accelerates the healing process, and another exterior that contains a microporous polyurethane that helps the perfect perspiration and waterproofing of the scar.

In addition, these scar-reducing products are not only used when there is a wound such as a cut, a burn or an injury of some kind, but also as antistatic products,with great effectiveness in their results.

Scarring cream

Pharmacy GT has a wide range of products intended to help in different aspects. Within our cosmetics section you can choose different areas such as facial cosmetics, solar cosmetics, eye care,etc., among which we highlight body cosmetics.

There are different points of sale for cosmetics; However, scar reducers, we recommend that you purchase them in a specialized establishment such as the pharmacy,where you can also receive the advice of a specialist.

In Pharmacy GT you will find the creams for scars that you need,quality and at the right price, endorsed by the best brands and being pharmacy products.