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Eye contour

Over the years, the small wrinkles in the eye socket mark the expression of the person. Rejuvenating the look will prompt a sense of health and well-being. In the orbital contour wrinkles are marked that are defined towards the eye bag, motivated by dry skin and lack of elasticity.

Eye care requires special treatment, because the skin of the eyelids and contour is the thinnest of the whole face and that's why you must protect it more diligently. The skin in the eye contour may present dark circles and bags for different reasons that can be prevented and alleviated with the different treatments that exist on the market

The best natural eye contour

To avoid premature aging, we must take care of sensitive areas of skin. Two of the fragile areas of the complexion are the contour of the eyes and lips, where the skin is much more delicate and fine,and therefore susceptible to premature aging presenting crow's feet, wrinkles, dark circles and bags.

To prevent these signs from manifesting on the skin, you must take care of it and follow a daily routine that gives us greater elasticity in the skin. The gestures of the face cause marks of expression that lead to wrinkles. You can use certain treatments to help prevent and combat them.

How to apply a good eye contour

To apply the creams we must not extend them abruptly, nor with circular massages, but with small taps with which we get the skin to absorb the cream well, activating at the same time the blood circulation of those specific areas.

With this gesture we will be able to improve the flexibility of the skin and delay its aging, both in the area of the eye contour and in the mouth we can achieve the same effects if we maintain a routine of care.

The protection of these areas of the skin is essential, because it is the especially delicate of the face, and therefore the susceptible of aggressions by external agents with which we meet every day. Both cold and heat can damage the skin of the eye and mouth contour. Excessive exposure to the sun or cold wind can damage these areas of the skin, making a preventive treatment essential to help make the effects minimal.

Check with your pharmacy what product is right for your skin type, and the different treatments you can follow to help keep your skin young and fresh for longer, avoiding or delaying signs of aging.