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Foot cream 

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Foot cream

Moisturizing foot cream

The care of the feet is of the utmost importance, and having a few feet in perfect condition means taking care of them daily. It is one of the most battered and least cared for parts of our body.

The products on the market for the feet allow us to keep them hydrated, healthy and well maintained.

Dry foot cream

Not only by aesthetics we must maintain a daily hygiene of our feet,but it also helps us to relax remarkably. Rested feet make the rest of the body feel better.

To have a few feet in perfect condition we have to hydrate them deeply, with a good massage and exfoliate them once a week to remove all dead cells.

We found foot care creams,which help us keep them fresh and well hydrated every day.

If your feet are more punished or prone to hardness and cracking, you can also find a range of specific products that can help you solve those problems.

It is very important to maintain a hygiene and care of the feet,on a daily basis, because if the feet suffer, the rest of the body ends up noticing the consequences. Poorly supporting the foot, from a chafing or a small call that bothers us, can cause back pain as a result of walking badly.

Dry foot cream

As we have already said, our feet are one of the most battered parts of our body, as they support our weight while walking, rubbing, etc. That's why we should include them among our daily beauty routines.

  1. Wash your feet daily,with soap and warm water. Having a good habit of hygiene is essential to get healthy feet. If you're in the habit of showering in the morning, get used to washing your feet when you get home, removing dirt accumulated throughout the day.
  2. Moisturize your feet every day. Use a special moisturizer for your feet.
  3. Wear appropriate footwear,keeping them cool and airy in summer and warm in winter.
  4. Take care of your nails,keep them clean and with good hygiene.

The products you can find for your feet will help you take care of them, but don't forget to include them in your daily beauty routines to get the best results.

Cracked foot cream

At Pharmacy GT we offer you the best foot hydration products on the market. Especially creams for cracked feet, area of the feet where more hydration is needed and where in the end we find greater problems.

The treatment for dry feet is very important with the use of urea creams that provide extra hydration to the foot. Allowing your feet to get dry and cracks can end up causing aches and pains that will take longer to fix than if you offer your cracked feet regular treatment so your symptoms don't go any further.

Swollen foot creams

In our Online Pharmacy you can also find swollen foot creams, are refreshing and relieve the feeling of heaviness. This, together with proper feeding, hygiene and activity, will make you look beautiful feet.

Find the best foot creams from prestigious brands such as Scholl, Neutrogena or Eucerin among others at an unbeatable price. You will definitely not find it at a better price on the market.

Discover all our foot treatments at the best prices.



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