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Dental sensitivity 

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Dental sensitivity

Dental sensitivity

If you have sensitive teeth you can fight it. There are gels, dentures and colutory pastes that reduce dental sensitivity so as not to feel that unpleasant sensation when having an ice cream or a very cold or very hot drink.

Hypersensitivity dental remedies

Gum retraction
is the most likely cause of long-term dental sensitivity. Cleaning your teeth abruptly, or suffering bleeding from the gums and gingivitis causes the gums to gradually retract and the root of the tooth, which is a very sensitive area, is exposed. The teeth have an enamel protection which deteriorates, due to age, as well as poor oral cleaning produced by tartar. It can also happen when we break a tooth, after going to the dentist to make a filling, cleaning...

Dental sensitivity treatment in your Online Pharmacy

A treatment for sensitive teeth does not have to be expensive, being able to be done with pastes, gels and colutory in many cases. These products have a number of components that block the transmission of pain to the nerve, which will significantly reduce discomfort. They also include a greater amount of fluoride than ordinary pastes in order to strengthen the enamel and thus reduce dental sensitivity while providing strength to the teeth.

You have to be patient with treatment and brush your teeth with these products 3 times a day and if we subsequently use a much better collusion. To notice the effects usually take several weeks,the time needed to increase enamel and reduce sensitivity.

To reduce sensitivity it is not only necessary to use specific products. A good brushing is even more important than the use of a good product, being the combination of both the perfect remedy for your sensitivity. Brushing your teeth after each meal for 2-3 minutes is necessary to remove the bacterial plaque causing all these problems in addition to producing bad breath and yellowing of the teeth.

A brushing of teeth should be done with short and soft movements circularly in an order to perform it perfectly. You should start with the outer parts, first the upper ones and then the lower ones. Subsequently the inner parts must be brushed in the same way, and finally clean the chewing surfaces and tongue.

The difference between the paste and the tooth gel lies only in its texture, the gel being more fluid. Otherwise the choice of one and the other depends on personal tastes.



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